Gents privileges explain why relationship is so challenging for men 

Mens Rights Redditors Explain Why Dating Is So Difficult For Men These Days

There’s Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Cove, Coffee Meets Bagel,, Elite Singles, etc. While it’s good to have options, it can be bad when there are too many options. At any given moment a guy can sit down at a dating app and immediately have endless options of women from which to choose.

It’s why you’re terrified to go for the first kiss. It’s why you freeze up when it comes time to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know or tell someone you just met how you feel about them. It’s why you clam up every time you go to bed with someone new or you freeze and get uncomfortable when it’s time to open up and share yourself with somebody. Our unconscious is always seeking to return to the unconditional nurturing we received as children, and to re-process and heal the traumas we suffered. The nature and depth of these traumas imprint themselves onto our unconscious and become the map of how we experience love, intimacy and sex throughout our lives.

However, like always, dating is becoming more difficult. There’s a number of factors but for me I find women find it hard to be emotionally invested. I considered myself an average to above-average-looking guy. Completing a degree and working in a good job part-time.

Instead, get to know her and decide if you want to woo her. Another way desperation manifests itself is when guys try too hard to please women. A manipulative woman can use this to her own advantage. Another reason why a lot of guys can’t get a girlfriend is because they don’t take care of themselves and their bodies. When you start projecting your image of a perfect girl onto a woman, you’re ignoring who she is.

Engineers can be stubborn with their opinions, habits, rituals, lifestyles and way of life. Many engineers like to start work late and work late for example just to avoid getting up early and avoid human interaction with other co-workers. Most engineers struggle with dating and thus are not likely to have as many options with dating partners as more social, suave folks who are more experienced with flirting and have more self-awareness. Because of this, they are less likely to cheat on you. Similarly, limited hobbies i.e. video games, anime, or work means they are less likely to be chatting up cute girls at bars.

These days it seems the majority of both men and women lost sight of what relationships could truly be. They sell themselves both short and it turns into this toxic cycle of using the other for sex, money, and a quick fix. They don’t get into the deeper parts of connection that I personally find exciting. I caught her cheating several times so I divorced her.